was it really wise of God
to inflict the males of humankind
with such urgency
such heat and hunger
as would drive them to violence
toward any living member of the species
any gender age or shape
in any place of comfort or duress
where, having lost awareness
in the sweat of appetite,
they will consume other life
even on penalty of death

was it then perverse of God
to trust frailty and helplessness
to the womb and cradle
pitting wife and mother against
the power of lust
to claim and command
what has been created
but never loved

surely some intruder
spoiled the plans, disrupting
work on the sixth day
challenging the wisdom
of creation


DAISIES (2013)daisy
who’s to say
if behind your smiling face
is nothing that can know,
only cells and neediness

what if from the earth,
your homeland
travels consciousness
as well as the green life
daily feeding each leaf

awareness of crawling
creeping creatures
caressing you unseen
alive in the same darkness
that gave you birth

even sightless
petaled faces bold or modest
bright or gently hued
may have knowledge
denied to we who move
sometimes much too fast
too far